LastPass Finds Security Holes In Its Online Password Manager, Doesn’t Think Anyone Exploited Them

Makes me think twice about using iCloud

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Startup envy (or how do you setup a startup in an enterprise)

With bags of experience working in massively large enterprise companies with complex politics, difficult infrastructure challenges and huge amounts of money to spend, I always find it humbling to be in the presence of entrepreneur power. I think it’d partly due to the fact that

A) After almost 4 months locked away in one of the massively large enterprises and

B) A couple of day being in and around Techstars this week I decided to

Ask whether I could try and setup a startup in the enterprise.

A start or a startup?

A start or a startup? 

“Of course” said the boss , here you go….

That was 3 weeks ago , we had a table, 8 chairs, a load of problems and no product. There were three of us …..(not a bad start) and we did actually have a product but a start up version of a seemingly easy product to provide High speed secure Wi-Fi

What makes this difficult I thought, I realised again that the problem is the people have become institutionalised , enterprises have rules, lots of them. They have warders (usually the financial controllers) to police the rules and they have a system that make it very difficult to break the rules.

So … I decided to show some of the people how life can exist without all of the rules. A tech start up! With so many of our doorstep in london we arranged a day release (@AireScore @getglimr @katalysatorlab @ClauseMatch @VirtualViewApp @TryumLondon @crowdestates @themarketiq @GustPay @novicap ) to a latest Techstars location.

We are very much a work in progress , but the experiment will be interesting

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Project management (re)boot camp: adding value in transition

I am trying to do this at a very large enterprise at the moment. This article is spot on – it’s incredibly stressful for the Project management souls who like to be in the warm comfort of a multi year project. Doing the same same every day…..

I see a funny sight every day, where a project manager who is paid to deliver a specific number of widgets a day turns up to work, opens his newspaper until the clock strikes 9am , he then closes the newspaper and works until the target is achieved and then opens his newspaper again……

Perhaps he could have a day off instead if he worked from when he arrived at work to when he went home…?


Moving away from top-heavy project management toward more-rapid, iterative, user-first processes can bring a number of benefits, but it isn’t free. Methodologies like agile can create a large number of new projects, stressing existing project-management resources. Some businesses have attempted to eliminate their PMOs, hoping those projects can run themselves.

In the end, someone needs to manage a project, regardless of where that person sits in the organization. In some cases, that person is a business manager without any formal project-management training but with a deep understanding of business needs. In others, it may be a seasoned project manager cut off from familiar methodologies and tools, faced with the task of creating order from chaos. Both types of project leaders will need a tremendous amount of help guiding the machinery that will get the project to delivery.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • What demands do…

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Nuance has reportedly held acquisition talks with Samsung

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Retail/banking and wearables

I think 2014-16 is going to see some really exciting use cases for wearable and retail (inc banking)

I know barclays have got some interesting plans in store.

wearables and Barclaycard

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Sony has figured out how to cram 185TB of data onto a single cassette tape

Bit different to the humble music cassette from my youth. 45, 60, 90 and a whopping 120. Minutes of audio. #oldschool


It turns out that audio cassette taps might be the wave of the future after all, at least when it comes to data storage. Forbes reports that Sony has figured out how to cram a whopping 185TB of data onto a single cassette tape using technology called sputter deposition that Forbes says “involves layers of magnetic crystals firing argon ions at a polymer film substrate.” To get an idea of just how amazing this is, consider that a typical Blu-ray disc holds around 50GB of data, which means that Sony’s new storage cassette can hold somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,700 Blu-ray films. Sony says that it’s working on ways to make magnetic tape used in cassettes a practical technology for storage and backup and it hopes to release a commercial product based on its breakthroughs in the future.

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Why voice is the next big internet wave


At first glance, few technologies feel as unsexy as voice. From a user’s perspective, little has changed since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. Most see voice as a mature technology that simply connects people in real-time across a distance. But voice is experiencing a wave of innovation that will fundamentally alter this definition.

During Mobile World Congress, Jae-woan Byun, the CTO of SK Telecom, condemned current voice offerings as “boring for users” but promised a “second tsunami” that could change everything.

The first tsunami was about messaging. It swept away SMS volumes and revenues and resulted in the kind of valuation that Facebook placed on WhatsApp. Thanks to the elimination of the historical limitations that telephony placed on voice, we are already sensing the shockwaves of the next tectonic shift.

Voice will be:

Available every “wear.” Voice is fast becoming a primary interface for wearable technology. Voice will soon…

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With A Voice Interface API For Any App, Wants To Be The Twilio For Natural Language

I’ve been working in and around the voice space for a while now, that’s probably why I notice the news in voice technology funding, acquisitions and the like. Voice as an API and natural language tech definitely sparking interest.

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JFDI Accelerator Raises $2.1M To Help Singapore Become Southeast Asia’s Startup Hub

This is the best name for an accelerator. Makes me smile every time I see them in the news.

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Mozilla Cancels Firefox For Metro, Cites Fewer Than 1,000 Daily Active Users

Remember when browser wars used to be fought on M$FT Desktops

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