Better Leave Approvals with frevvo + Google Apps for Work

Start of some reblogging – almost an official start to seeing how easy it will be to migrate an existing enterprise to google@work

One of the most common approval workflows customers automate with frevvo is Leave Approval (Vacation or Absence Request). There are several types of leave (Annual, Sick, Floating etc.) and the typical workflow is Employee -> Line Manager -> Payroll/HR. Easy enough to automate.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if the form knew how many days of each type were left so there’s no way for the employee to request more days than he/she has available? Integrating with payroll/HR systems is possible but messy.

Leave ApprovalAn easy alternative is to just use a Google spreadsheet. Here’s an example spreadsheet and a frevvo form that uses the spreadsheet. Based on the logged in employee, the form will pull the available days from the spreadsheet. For this demo, select an employee from the pick list (which itself comes from the spreadsheet) and you’ll see the available days pick lists updating dynamically. This demo…

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