New Qualcomm deal opens the door for more Cyanogen-powered phones


Cyanogen has quietly become the most important company working on Android not named Google.

On Monday, it announced a new partnership with chip giant Qualcomm which will result in Cyanogen’s version of Android being pre-installed on Qualcomm’s reference designs. Given that Asian smartphone manufacturers often heavily rely on reference designs to build the devices that they ultimately take to market, this could lead to a significant spike in devices sold with Cyanogen pre-installed.

To date, Cyanogen has been pre-installed on three devices, the Oppo N1, the OnePlus One, and the Micromax Yureka, according to the company. None of them have been huge sellers or widely available in the United States. On the tails of this announcement with Qualcomm, Cyanogen will be announcing later this week that its software will be pre-installed in at least one new device.

OnePlus One camera app

The Qualcomm deal means that Cyanogen’s software will be provided for devices…

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