Atlassian’s Stash Data Center Comes Out Of Beta, Brings Git To The Enterprise


After a few months of public beta testing, Atlassian today officially launched Stash Data Center, its Git-based, code-management service for enterprises. The service allows businesses to run Git on a server cluster that can support a large number of developers. The largest beta deployment, the company tells me, supported about 12,000 developers.

As Atlassian’s VP and general manager of its developer tools unit Eric Wittman reminded me when I met with him in the company’s San Francisco offices last week, Git is turning 10 in April, but enterprises are only now starting to adopt it. He argues the reason for this is that Git itself can be hard for companies to get their head around. “Distributed version control is great, but Git is very raw,” he said. “Unless you can get into the headspace of understanding the underpinnings of Git, it’s not very approachable.”

Stash and Stash Data Center aim to make Git more approachable and manageable for…

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