Startup envy (or how do you setup a startup in an enterprise)

With bags of experience working in massively large enterprise companies with complex politics, difficult infrastructure challenges and huge amounts of money to spend, I always find it humbling to be in the presence of entrepreneur power. I think it’d partly due to the fact that

A) After almost 4 months locked away in one of the massively large enterprises and

B) A couple of day being in and around Techstars this week I decided to

Ask whether I could try and setup a startup in the enterprise.

A start or a startup?

A start or a startup? 

“Of course” said the boss , here you go….

That was 3 weeks ago , we had a table, 8 chairs, a load of problems and no product. There were three of us …..(not a bad start) and we did actually have a product but a start up version of a seemingly easy product to provide High speed secure Wi-Fi

What makes this difficult I thought, I realised again that the problem is the people have become institutionalised , enterprises have rules, lots of them. They have warders (usually the financial controllers) to police the rules and they have a system that make it very difficult to break the rules.

So … I decided to show some of the people how life can exist without all of the rules. A tech start up! With so many of our doorstep in london we arranged a day release (@AireScore @getglimr @katalysatorlab @ClauseMatch @VirtualViewApp @TryumLondon @crowdestates @themarketiq @GustPay @novicap ) to a latest Techstars location.

We are very much a work in progress , but the experiment will be interesting



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