Project management (re)boot camp: adding value in transition

I am trying to do this at a very large enterprise at the moment. This article is spot on – it’s incredibly stressful for the Project management souls who like to be in the warm comfort of a multi year project. Doing the same same every day…..

I see a funny sight every day, where a project manager who is paid to deliver a specific number of widgets a day turns up to work, opens his newspaper until the clock strikes 9am , he then closes the newspaper and works until the target is achieved and then opens his newspaper again……

Perhaps he could have a day off instead if he worked from when he arrived at work to when he went home…?


Moving away from top-heavy project management toward more-rapid, iterative, user-first processes can bring a number of benefits, but it isn’t free. Methodologies like agile can create a large number of new projects, stressing existing project-management resources. Some businesses have attempted to eliminate their PMOs, hoping those projects can run themselves.

In the end, someone needs to manage a project, regardless of where that person sits in the organization. In some cases, that person is a business manager without any formal project-management training but with a deep understanding of business needs. In others, it may be a seasoned project manager cut off from familiar methodologies and tools, faced with the task of creating order from chaos. Both types of project leaders will need a tremendous amount of help guiding the machinery that will get the project to delivery.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • What demands do…

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