Mozilla Cancels Firefox For Metro, Cites Fewer Than 1,000 Daily Active Users

Remember when browser wars used to be fought on M$FT Desktops


Mozilla today announced that it will halt development of its Firefox for Windows 8 Metro browser after about a year and a half of development.

According to Mozilla’s Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale, the organization has never seen more than 1,000 active daily users for the Metro app, so in order to free up resources for products that have traction, Mozilla has decided to pull the plug on this project. Mozilla’s other pre-release version of Firefox, he says, are being tested by millions of users.

“Mozilla builds software to make the world better, but we have to pick our battles,” Nightingale writes. “We’re not as tiny as we were when we shipped Firefox 1.0, but we still need to focus on the projects with the most impact for our mission; the massive scale of our competitors and of the work to be done requires us to marshal our forces appropriately.”

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