Op3nvoice wants to be the Google of the visual and vocal web

Good piece @op3nvoice @prmurphy


The text-based web of the last 25 years is evolving into an ever more visual web where pictures and videos dominate. Just look at how many apps there are to make movies or beautiful slideshows of our personal photos, or the success of sites like Pinterest or Snapchat. After all, we have the means to consume richer files thanks to abundant bandwidth and create them now that so many people own video cameras in the form of a smartphone.

But unlike the text-based web, searching the visual web is tough. That’s one reason why so many companies are working on computer vision. But in the meantime, there’s an excellent way to categorize videos and make them searchable — use audio. That’s what startup Op3nVoice is trying to do with an API it plans to launch in two weeks.

The Austin, Texas-based company is trying to become the Google of…

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