Beyond Verbal launches “Moodies” emotion analytics app on IOS

Summary  –  The world needs convincing and so do I. If this is a great way to educate them then my initial analysis of my mood said I was full of loneliness, anxiety and dislike and that was putting on my most enthusiastic speaking voice … if it’s true – then I’d better get some acting classes.

moodiesFollowing a funding round of $2.8M and launch in May and the subsequent round of funding ($1M) in July An Israel-based startup says it can determine a person’s announcement of emotion.  The long held claim can now be tested via their iOS download for moodies…

As reported by thenextweb,

“Dan Emodi, Beyond Verbal’s VP of Marketing, told TNW.

Moodies is being released now as a standalone download as Beyond Verbal has decided the world needs educating to the potential benefits, Emodi said: We need to introduce our technology not just to potential partners, business development executives and application developers but also to the public at large. We believe that every disruptive technology needs grass root enthusiasm to flourish. Having worked on perfecting our engine for the last few years we believe the time was right to get it out of the protective lab environment and into the hands of every smartphone holder.”



Blog Site for Jason Boud and Beyond Mobile Ltd.
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