Techhub demo night – Feb 2014

Fuzmo won the night for me

Fuzmo won the night for me

Despite Bob Crow trying to scupper the event tonight with his latest Tube strike – tuesday demo night hosted by campus saw a packed house and 8 demo presenters.

First up where  – who have a fast fingered demo of the creation and running of mobile apps in your browser using HTML5. When asked why we should create a browser app rather than a blog post or website the answer was because my kids love apps and never visit websites. Wow – websites are a dying breed.

Teowaki aim to have a service to make software developers happier. Javier outlined his vision of aiming to help disparate groups of developer who typically work alone communicate with their teams. He claims teowaki improves communication between developers and helps sharing technical information, best practices, gossip and lifehacks with your developer friends Launched the product on dec 2013 and gave a small customer base (300) achieved only with word of mouth marketing.

Safevox – are looking to ease the fears of people who are concerned about their phone calls being snooped. They have a voice app offering a secure calling and voice messaging service. Ojars Josts the CEO and founder explained you can Shake to generate a unique encryption key for specific contacts.   How do they compare to Silentcircle? Apparently it’s subtle and would take about 30 minutes to explain. @currencytransfr aim to create greater transparency in the currency exchange markets. They publish the market rate and compare sell side FX companies for business and personal transactions. They seemed to be more like an FX rate comparison engine that could be easily replicated. Perhaps I missed something?

Awedience – Chris Arnold presented his company Awedience  a startup based in Cambridge UK and incubated within Red Gate’s Accidentals program. They aim to help you build meaningful campaigns via using twitter data. They help you

– Get the data to build a strategy.
– Spread your message more efficiently.

They are focussing on mining Twitter data with no plans to mine other social media yet . The powerful demo focused on showing the power if the visual user interface similar to linkedIn labs but Chris stressed not just to focus on this aspect of data visualisation .

They think their product is an Enterprise sell into marketing departments looking to mine customer data.

Fuzmo – Elliot the CEO showed his social media site for animals . Since launch in 3 months they have 10000 users with 21000 pictures and are one of the top 100 accounts on Instagram.

Their UI was very cool and site is their MVP and have recently hit a seedrs target of £40k to launch an iOS and android. The main user base is aged 12-19 and over 60 and they expect monetization is via brands

Writeup (URL?) is a content creation and management platform for Online magazines. Some stats so far;

4500 articles
£150k investors
2M page views last month

Their aspirations include being as big as medium and tumblr and they see the biggest barrier being to grow the company.

Geolocation lookups for events matching your profile/interests. The idea seemed hinged on getting event organising to publish their events on the site and offering them unique stats and data. Good luck. Seems a crowded space.



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  1. Thanks for your summary, Jason. It was the first time we were demoing teowaki in public and I am happy to know the message got through.


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