Fintech Innovation Lab 2014 – London’s second cohort.

Fintech Innovation Lab is on the 42nd Floor or the Canarf Wharf tower.

Fintech Innovation Lab is on the 42nd Floor or the Canarf Wharf tower.

The Fintech innovation lab is a partnership between Accenture and several banks that  debuted in London in 2013.  The 2013 cohort of seven companies (BehavioSec, Calltrunk, Digital Shadows, Growth Intelligence, Kiboo, Open Bank Project and Waratek) attended a lessons learnt  session at the beginning of the 2014 program .

I was lucky enough to meet the companies that make up the 2014 intake which launches more fully this week. The 7 lucky companies are;

Eurdine Financial Control systems – They describe themselves as a rules engine on steroids and the Erudine Behaviour Engine helps financial corporations achieve compliance with legislation and other legal and regulatory controls.

Squirro – aim to put your data in context using pattern recognition technology across unstructured data. They already have a plug into salesforce which is aimed at allowing for better and more effective decision making and intelligence on client and potential leads.

Utrade – a multi assest trading platform convering Trading, alto trading  and analytics . One of their claimed differences is there ambition to be open source and allow contributions by the community to improve their software. A bold claim in the ultra competitive world of financial services.

Logical Glue – machine learning as a service (MLaaS) aim to provide real-time predictive analytics . A spin out of university in the UK , they already have a number of case studies in finSvc focussed on credit rating but are looking to expand their platforms into other areas.

PixelPin – pixel pin allow you to replace passwords with a picture. Choose a username, emailaddress and then upload a picture with interesting content.  Select four points of interest and then remember the order you chose. You can try the service at . Any new security related solution should go down a storm in banking.

London brand management – are an artificial intelligence technology company that are developing virtual agent technology for companies such as BMW. Allow human processes to be replaced because it understand natural language processing.

Photopay – a way to pay bills by taking a photo of them. Already used in some european countries and banks, they are looking to expand into other market places.



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