Double celebration for Cyanogen Inc

Cyanogen pre-installed N1 phone - $23M !

Cyanogen downloads have now surpassed 10M 

Cyanogen are the company behind CyanogenMod an open source operating system based on the Android operating system. Cyanogen have had a patchy start to life and there history is well documented in Steve Kondik’s a new chapter article, and the commercialisation section of their wiki page.

Taking the largest mobile OS on the planet, adding new features whilst improving others with the help of the community has pushed downloads of CyanogenMod to 10 Million downloads,  however the giant Google did not take kindly to the project including proprietary licensed components and have over the past few years issued cease and desist warning and also asked Cyanogen to remove their installer app from the Google play store. (Nov, 2013).

You would think that a company battling with Google would be enough to put investors off, but far from it. Cyanogen announced (Dec 20, 2013)  a follow up round of $23M  funding (last round they received $7M fromBenchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures, Sep 2013) .

Have the tables now turned for Cyanogen consider the fact that these tomorrow launch their Oppo N1 handset with the blessing of Google you would think so.

The Mobile OS industry is really at an interesting intersection,  OS startups such as sailfish, operating system derivatives such as Yun OS, Samsung’s Tizen and firefox OS, amend rumours of Microsoft and Nokia infighting over Windows Mobile vs. Android must further segment the market and surely threaten Apple’s analyst predicted 14% of the market.

2014 is shaping up to be the mobile  equivalent of the browser wars of the late 90s, hold on to your hats.




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