8 Hungry startups @techhub – 3rd December

8 Contestants battle it out at @techhub

So last night was my first venture into @techhub world and I was slightly late in arriving for the demo night event #techhubtuesday . That will teach me because there was standing room only. Even if the room looked a little bored and subdued.

First up was not actually a demo but a bit of a weird presentation from the folks at Dotlondon  – DotLondon are part of London and partners (which is part of the mayors office) and as part of the re-ordering of all that is Internet there are a number of Icahn controlled top level domains (TLDs) soon to be available. DotLondon own the .london domain name and will be charging around £30-50 for owning a name underneath that TLD. I must admit the concept of a geography based domain when the internet is all about breaking down the borders of commerce is a bit puzzling for me. Unless you have a brand that is so associated with London, I don’t see much point. Perhaps I’ll register pearlyking.london or blackcab.london . Anyway the audience were not really  impressed and eagerly awaiting the first pitch.

Appraisly gave a slick but slighty unreadable demo on their performance appraisals in the cloud idea.  A simple model of personal goals in companies that have to be linked to business objectives for a firm.  They could be disruptive offering the product at  FOC for companies with < 10 users or $5 per month for > 10. I liked the fact that they enabled 360 degree review inside & outside the company. I think they’ll have to go some to disrupt the top end of the performance appraisal market – but I really liked the idea.

Boxagon were a platform to share experiences and collections of things that go well together. The whole model relies on users creating collections that others might be interesting in.  The example given was when you wanted to learn how to play the guitar you might need a collection of things to get you started. A Guitar, strings, music, plectrums etc. Not sure the audience got the product concept

Fidbacks – a french founded company were looking to leverage your reputation. Gather on a single profile all the ratings, comments and endorsements that you have collected on marketplaces. The concept was an aggregation of your online reputation. Some concern in the room about how they connect to those marketplaces and identity protection.  Fidbacks offer an API so other company / websites can consume.

MiThought  are hoping to connect innovators by their thoughts and were basically looking for feedback on their idea of being a  global online incubator. They launched 2 months ago and was an interesting idea but not a great demo despite a funky animation . 

One diary want you to manage your meetings rather than just track them.
– interesting idea to fix the problem of having multiple diaries
– does not replace your diary but overlies it
– passionate demo and very honest (don’t have a business model)

Thatgift were the most amusing presentation of the night from Graham Paterson. Graham admitted he basically did ThatGift in his spare time and was really looking for someone to buy his idea.

The final demo was from @Tigmus that have the ambition to connects music fans with artists. They offer a ticket pledging service for fans and small artists which is essentially crowdsourcing of gigs. Nice idea.

 Oh yes – apologies to the survey on tablet guys who also presented – but I had to leave the room.


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