HBS London pitch event – November 2013

I attended the Harvard Business Schools (HBS) Alumni Angels of London pitch event tonight, which was  moderated by Errol Damelin, founder and CEO of Wonga.com. Over 100 HBS angels, investors and presenters packed into the Carisbrooke Hall, Victory Services Club, near Marble Arch.

First to present were;  Apta biosciences

Apta biosciences create synthetic molecules that stick to antibodies, the product/concept is called adaptamers.  Some interesting use cases for antibody drug conjugates (ADC) application. Overall quite a technical and complicated pitch . The team of 7 scientists and 4 members of management team were originally spun out of fujitsu in August 2013 and are expecting to raise approx £4.5 M in 2 rounds of funding.


Paul Murphy – Founder and CEO of Op3nvoice


Paul Murphy, Op3nvoice CEO and founder presented “The API to voice” with the intriguing fact that we communicate over 250 more times the amount of data with voice than we do the written word.

A presentation that was brought to life by  Murphy by including demos from Mobento and n2record.

Murphy compared some of the possible competitors in this space and how each of them differs from op3nvoice. Murphy and his management team are looking to raise $2.1m with 400k already raised.

Questions on pricing, data protection and cross border controls were easily handled.


Ed Buusey , CEO of quill

Quill Company

Ed Buusey , CEO of quill spoke about the importance of content. Digital content marketing industry worth about 10-50bn  and his company produce content for companies such as sony, monarch, waitrose, yourM&S, mclaren, an impressive client list. His current average order size is 68k but increasing.  Content companies are also now starting to also outsource content creation.

To date there have been 5.7M words of content created by the quill network of approx 2000 writers. In any month about 200-300 of those writers are active using the companies USP, a platform that allows workflow management for content delivery, semi automated editing (allowing the tone and value of the content to be realised) and content creation in multiple Language.

Backed by £1m of private VC. Looking to raise £2M.

A rapid fire pitch full of stats, customers and detail. Impressive.


Founder Chirag Patel laid out what deuce do in offering a proprietary technology platform for ingestion , digitisation, curation and matching to curriculums in the UK and US. They are focussing on STM (science technology and maths).

A young founding and management team are raising money to deliver their roadmap. The money will be used to scale content , delivering mobile apps and further features in the B2B market .

They are looking to raise 500k in an EIS Approved scheme, which allows a 18 month run rate.

A long Q&A session with Alan Greenberg and Chirag Patel


Founder Chirag Patel (right) and Alan Greenberg (left) lead a long Q&A session – post pitch.


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