We’re more or less stuck with email, so Mailbox decided to try and make it more useful

Great interview of Gentry Underwood , founder of mailbox

Instead of trying to come up with a different service that would replace email, the team behind Mailbox decided to accept the fact that users are stuck in their email inboxes and try to improve the experience.

Calendaring and email are ripe for innovation and the companies that win these respective markets are going to make a lot of money!! Dropbox acquired mailbox in March 2013 and with dropbox behind them the company should go places.

The story sounds very credible but my main email issues are on a Mac, so really looking forward to a MacOS version of mailbox before I dive in. Underwood notes that this is a multi-glass problem and most folks still spend a lot of time behind glass with a keyboard.

full article at http://gigaom.com/2013/11/06/were-more-or-less-stuck-with-email-so-mailbox-decided-to-try-and-make-it-more-useful/

Write up courtesy of Matthew Ingram and GigaOM


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