T-Mobile’s new love of MVNOs helps drive its subscriber growth

T-mobile often get’s a bad rep amongst east coast business communities in the US. But obviously someone like them !


T-Mobile US(s tmus) credits its new Un-carrier strategy of quick upgrades, cheap plans and free tablet data to its recent stellar subscriber growth, but there’s an unsung hero in T-Mobile numbers. Mobile network virtual operators — essentially infrastructure-less carriers who buy time on T-Mobile’s networks – accounted for 344,000 of T-Mobile’s 1 million net subscriber additions in the third quarter.

Until recently Sprints(s s) was the largest champion for the MVNO in the U.S. – any new startup with an innovative or crazy business model signed up to buy its 2G voice and 3G/4G data services. Some of the most famous MVNOs in the U.S., from FreedomPop and Karma to Republic Wireless and Ting, call Sprint’s network home.

straight-talk-SIM-featuredBut recently a lot of new MVNOs have signed on with T-Mobile, taking advantage not only of its faster HSPA+ service, but the fact that customers could bring their own devices…

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