Microsoft Office Mac.2011 , iCloud & Calendar woes – I give in …

In a parallel universe to Danny Sullivan’s (@dannysullivan ) Declaration of independence article on cnet, I have been an ardent fan of outlook since the late 90s. But having switched from Windows to MAC and iOS less than a year ago, I couldn’t quite manage to ween myself off of outlook and paid out an eye watering £200 for a full pro version of office:Mac 2011 in the belief it offered my a future proofing solution to my email and calendaring requirements. 

But the stubbornness of Microsoft in not supporting calendar updates to icloud had left me trying to juggle multiple calendars rather unsuccessfully , and after a few missed meetings and even more double bookings the time for action was here.

I like most people looked around for solutions to the problem and multiple software downloads and workaround later it left my calendar   is a completely unusable state, with multiple meeting entries.

So … hereby by the power of the internet. I declare independence from Microsoft Outlook. Mac mail – is now my default client and iCal my defaul calendar. 

Wish me luck.




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