Meet the 8 GigaOM Mobilize Product Showcase finalists

Wow, really must pay more attention to IOT !


It’s year six of the Mobilize conference and this year, as we’ve already told you, we’re shaking things up with a new focus on ubiquitous computing in addition to your familiar mobile devices. When everything can be connected, it’s worth exploring how the infrastructure must change, what we will do with all that data and which devices will be the first to gain connectivity.

As part of that shakeup we’ve taken our annual LaunchPad competition and turned it into a product showcase. We’re featuring some cool new products that have the capability to change how we live, reduce the cost of doing business and help us find our stuff. Check out our eight finalists below and then come see them demo their products at the show in San Francisco on Oct. 16 and 17.

Ayla Networks: Ayla is first and foremost a cloud provider, but it does offer…

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