Unlock the potential of voice & video archives

This story starts in 2010/11. I was in an enterprise role and quite frankly a bit bored of talking about voice with large & predominantly inflexible vendors . My career yearned for something new.

I started to look at innovative consumer based technology that I could bring into the enterprise to liven things up a bit. I can across Counterpath Bria and CallTrunk and decided to dig a bit deeper….

Counterpath had one of the most popular, reliable and paid for SIP/VOIP apps in a sea of free & crappy SIP clients on the app store(s). 2 Years later by the time I had left that particular role we have kicked our Enterprise PBX vendor’s VOIP client firmly into the long grass and deployed a branded counterpath client onto 3000 users smart devices. The client was registered into the Enterprise PBX via a session border controller.

I first met Paul Murphy of CallTrunk in late 2011/early 2012, after making some enquiries about their product. Paul made an instant impact on me, rarely had I met someone so quick to grasp an idea, concept and turn on a dime to make it happen. The original idea for Calltrunk and it’s voice capture and speech recognition technology was not exactly new, but the design, usability and agility of the Calltrunk team was different and exciting. I was hooked….

Roll on almost 2 years and the team have come a long way, after an exciting 2 year journey through FinTech and Techstars in London the company have transitioned to a platform play (Op3nvoice) with a number of use cases/companies using the platform (CallTrunk, N2uitive, Mobento and others).

This company is going to fly and  don’t just believe me take 5 minutes to listen to the pitch.

With a plan to rellocate the company to Austin theses are exciting time


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