IndoorAtlas uses geomagnetism to map buildings GPS can’t reach

Interesting the wandering generation with their face lit up with their smart phone will once again be able to find the right isle in a store. Thank god they don’t have to look where they are going or worse still ask someone. We are saved!!!!


IndoorAtlas has entered the increasingly crowded indoor mapping and navigation space, definitely has a trick up its sleeve that sets it apart from other location-based technology companies. Instead of using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals to triangulate a device’s location within a building, it’s using the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

Our smartphones share one thing in common with many animals: they have internal compasses that can orient themselves to the Earth’s magnetic field. And just as animals can detect local variations in that magnetic field to find their way around, our phones’ digital compasses can do the same. Structures and even furniture within buildings such as metal shelves naturally produce those geomagnetic anomalies, and by logging those anomalies on a map, they can be used to pinpoint a device — and its owner’s — exact location indoors.

IndoorAtlas map

Indoor navigation remains one of the last frontiers of digital cartography because buildings block…

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