With New Business Suite & Samsung Partnership, Mobile Security Company Lookout Prepares To Take On The Enterprise

Another entrant onto the mobile enterprise mobility market. Lookout have a credible user base and surely lots of relevant experience and information collected.


Lookout, a mobile security company which previously focused on consumer protections and anti-malware services, is today taking a step to expand its footprint further with the launch of a new, standalone product for business. Arriving later this year, Lookout for Business intends to allow larger organizations the ability to secure mobile devices attaching to the network – like the employee-owned smartphones and tablets arriving via BYOD (bring-your-own-device) programs.

For those unfamiliar, Lookout’s Mobile Security applications for Android (including Kindle) and iOS devices have historically helped to identify and block threats on consumers’ phones and tablets, including blocking and alerting to mobile malware, phishing attempts, malicious websites, and apps that try to grab too much of a user’s personal information. The company also offers mobile backup solutions as well as its own take on Apple’s “Find my iPhone,” with a service that can track down and remotely wipe lost or…

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