Who’s your new mobile carrier? How ’bout Wi-Fi?

Who wouldn’t like the utopia that this offers but I don’t see how this will ever work in non city environments .


Almost two years ago Republic Wireless launched with a crazy plan to offer phones that would use Wi-Fi as their default network, sending any requests outside of Wi-Fi over the Sprint 3G network. The program started with a $19 monthly plan and an older model Motorola smartphone using a custom version of Android.

Today almost 90 percent of wireless carrier Republic Wireless’ data traffic goes over Wi-Fi, leaving 11.5 percent traveling over Sprint’s 3G network. While Republic is a niche carrier for the budget conscious that don’t mind a limited selection of phones, it’s also at the forefront of a shift in telecommunications that will not only happen, but needs to happen. Eventually instead of thinking about which carrier you want to use, you’ll just think about Wi-Fi.

“Carriers and cellular will become the mortar while Wi-Fi will be the bricks,” said David Morken, CEO of Bandwidth.com. Bandwidth owns Republic…

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