Codlo Kickstarts A Sous Vide Machine For Us Gastronerds

Not as good as Chris Swans Raspberry Pi !


Another home sous vide machine is about to enter the market. UK-made Codlo just passed its Kickstarter goal, with only five days to spare.

Sous vide is a French method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath. The idea is to immerse them in a regulated temperature that isn’t as hot as boiling water, with the intention of cooking them evenly throughout. The original Sous Vide Supreme machine starts at $429, and the professional model costs $749—and that’s before you add in all the vacuum bags and so on.

The sous vide trend has been gaining more awareness among home cooks in recent years, and Codlo is part of a trend of new budget-friendly cooking devices meant to offer the technology at home. Last year, the Nomiku device was successfully kickstarted, at more than twice its goal of $200,000.

The Codlo’s goal was a slightly…

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