BYOD Behavior – Size Does Matter

Is it me, or does this drive 2 conclusions? Firstly bring your iMac/Desktop to work if you want to be taken seriously and Secondly people using iPods, IPhones and other “newer” devices don’t really expect things to work properly, so wait more time before asking for help? Thoughts?

psilva's prophecies

Not the device’s but your behavior.  Harvard Business School researchers wanted to determine if the type of device people use changes how they act around other people.  Does device size affect assertiveness?  Does interacting with a device of a certain size, affect how you behave afterword?  Or, Is Your iPhone turning you into a Wimp?

If you just can’t stand the suspense, in a word, Yes.

Many of us are aware that body language can communicate so much more than words.  If you watch (and can understand) people’s body language, you can learn much more than just what they are saying.  Are they uncomfortable or are they hiding something.  Are they imagining something or recalling from memory.  You might have even heard of micro-expressions – those little head scrunches, slight eye squint or a tight jaw that sends a message. In addition, by adopting certain postures, body chemistry and…

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