Microsoft office and the iPad

Having recently switched to an all Apple world, 2 things have really caused me a problem.  Speed and productivity

After finally ditching my Lenovo Thinkpad, I decided to try my work life using just an iPad. This was an expirement that lasted 2 weeks and here is why.


Most people are happy swiping away on their touch screen device for viewing, loading and contributing content. But try writing a 12 page paper or editing/commenting on a college’s pitch document for a customer meeting.


First attempt at improving speed of content creation.

First attempt at improving speed of content creation.

Even the  addition of the superb Logitech Ultrathin keyboard was not enough to save my experiment. .. and the reason was


Despite the in roads that google docs and Freeoffice have made into the enterprise. The fact remains that Microsoft own the desktop and the tool of choice is Microsoft office. If you are reading this you are probably thinking it’s that much of a bit deal. I’ll simply find a free microsoft office reader and there are bound to be lots and lots on the apps store or google play. Try this search, you are right there are lots and I challenge you to find one that makes you anywhere near as productive as the original product.

Technology challenge or  politics

The release of Microsoft office on iOS devices have been rumoured for at least a year and finally Microsoft have taken a step in the right direction. On Friday 14th June 2013, Microsoft quietly released the brand worthy awards winning Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers, so may even think that this naming was deliberate to make it difficult to find on the app store.

And they have only released it to work on the iPhone and for those with an Office 365 subscription.

Now I don’t know about you, but I paid for a full blown version of Office on my (er Macbook) at a cost of approx 300 USD (£200) , but Microsoft have decided that anyone using this product should not be allowed access to the iPhone version, now I’m not a stats follower for Microsoft product but I did see that the Office 365 user base is around 1Million users vs. a MUCH larger number for Office.

We all know why Microsoft will not release the product for iPad, with over 84  million iPad’s (including minis) sold since launch in 2010 and 2Million Surface (Pro and RT)  tablets sold since launch in Feb 2013 and Microsoft being Amazon and other manufacturer in the tablet market, we all suspect that they fear the release of office to the community will kill their tablet sales completely.

This is the real battleground for the enterprise segment, but I cannot see how Microsoft can continue with this policy. I was talking to a CTO at a large bank last week who confessed he has actually see the full iPad/iOS version of Microsoft Office, it was DRM wrapped and this person was under a strict NDA to not talk about the product.

So place your bets Microsoft, do you want another 40 Million Office licenses for the iPad community or not?

In the meantime, check back to see if I can get my hands on an office mobile subscription for a tech review soo.

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