Aruba Airheads EMEA 2013: Day 2 Keynote: Dominic Orr, CEO, Aruba Networks

Dominic was presented with a football shirt by 2 officials from FC. Barcelona at the start of his keynote to signify the game he watched when in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier this year.


Dominic Orr - Aruba Networks CEO

Dominic Orr – Aruba Networks CEO

The tag line for the conference was “Peoples move, networks must follow” and Dominic Orr’s presentation was entitled Welcome to the Mobile Virtual Enterprise 2013

Dominic reflected on the BYOD effect for the enterprise which flowed from Engineering->Operations->Help desk. The process is really reversed with BYOD and the user  demands are driven to the helpdesk into operations and engineering.  This flow is generally stemmed when the user is junior, but when the CEO starts to push for these (as he is a consumer) the enterprise needs to sit up and listen.

In addition, silo’s that exist in the enterprise do not allow BYOD to be supported easily in the enterprise and therefore Aruba‘s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE). Announced in 2011 it has been revamped for the 2013 conference seasons.

Aruba’s MOVE 2013 architecture is now focussed on;

  • Apps
  • Access
  • Air


The air 802.11ac is in 2 phases 1.3Ghz/second to increase single radio speed and then multiple radio (MIMO) based performance increases meaning LAN speeds will be slower than Wireless (theoretical speeds) for the first time.  Speed is OK but there are technologies such as beam forming and interference mitigation as well as client Mach that will help with the managing the air.

Once you understand how to speed up your networks, you then need to figure out how to manage applications within that Air. “A good network design should not treat everything as equal”  you may treat specific users or applications differently.


Employees or Guests, BYOD or Corporate owned.  Corporate IT generally focussed only on 1 of this 4 way matrix. The mixture of Employee’s using corporate devices is more easily catered for and this is not the sweet spot for Aruba networks.



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