Aruba Airheads EMEA 2013 – Day 1 Microsoft Lync and Aruba

Taimor Husain – Global Business Manager @ Microsoft

Microsoft Lync and Aruba

Microsoft Lync and Aruba

The key to Microsoft’s communication strategy is Identity.  The Lync product (renamed 3 years ago) is now 10 years old and started life as Live Communications Services (LCS) .  The contact object is a merge of corporate and personal contact data, incorporating corporate directories (e.g. Active Directory), Social workspaces (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook)

Video is a real focus area and Microsoft believe they have some market leading technology. These include Multi-party galleries and HD (H.264 support).

Some market research (Microsoft style)

  • 289M smartphones in 2010, 900M in 2014, 55M slates in 2011 and 200M in 2014
  • Ratio of room video systems to personal video conference is 1:100
  • Customer want Wi-Fi as a prime network connection and networks need to be ready for BYOD (not for data or hotspot)

Microsoft partner with Aruba

  • “Lync Developer API integration into Aruba moving real time communication streams around is revolutionary” (his words not mine)
  • Application fingerprint and  QoS policies (within Lync workloads) is key

Federation is an interesting way of opening up B2B collaboration. The Lync federation directory has 22,000 other companies who are willing to collaborate and federate (IM, Presence, Voice etc). In 2015 Microsoft will support Skype federation.



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