Blackberry Q10 Review – part 1

One of the first things I noticed about the Q10 was the clarity of the screen, a 3.1 inch super amoled screen sits atop the familiar look and feel of the blackberry keyboard. I’ve carried various blackberries exclusively for work email over the past 7 years and it was they keyboard made them really quite addictive, they were very good at the one thing they did, mobile email. For everything else they were poor.

I’ve also carried either an iPhone or an Android phone for personal use for the past 5 years and switched to an iPhone 5 from a Samsumg HTC earlier this year.  The navigation is so familiar on the iPhone that it really needs no training. The iPhone 5 may not be the best of the iPhone family but I love the personal look and feel and the integration into the rest of my IT personal life (AppleTV, Mac etc).

Right, well onto my thoughts about the Q10….

Apologies for the out of focus picture, I’ve left it in here for now (until I take a better one) and to demonstrate how super-reflective the device screen is. Saying that the screen is really bright & clear but I do find the 3.1 inch screen rather limiting when compared to Samsung and Apple much large real estate.

A Blackberry Q10 - reflective screen.

A Blackberry Q10 – reflective screen.

At first I found the user interface a bit confusing. On first use of the device (which I received from a mobile network operator) Blackberry do a good job of showing you a tutorial aimed at the basic navigation techniques.  These are;

  • Swipping from the bottom upwards to return to the active task manager.
  • Swipping form the left to the right to take you into Blackberry Hub. (more on this later)
  • Pinch to zoom in, pinch out to zoom out, are familiar navigation techniques and well done to Blackberry for not re-inventing the wheel.

Once you’ve mastered these you are ready to explore the device.

I had a Q10 running software version 10.1, a version which immediately upgraded after the initial setup. I must admit this process was rather annoying as it took more than 10 minutes and multiple  reboots, annoying as  I was just dying to try the device out.

Q10 upgraded to 10.1

Q10 upgraded to 10.1

One the basics were over I wanted to now start my review and capture screen shots of my device.   A quick internet search will surely find the answer for how I do this … disappointed to see the default search choice, but changed that very quickly.

Bing is the default search on my Q10. That will be changed then!

Bing is the default search on my Q10. That will be changed then!

So the answer was Press the up+down volume button on the side of the device.  Really simple and accessible feature

Take a screen shot.

Take a screen shot.

Now my review is underway the next review will focus on user interface usability, battery life, charging via USB, built in apps and blackberry world…

Check back to read more…

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