#SupportSteveCliff #SupportMND Steve Cliff Fundraisers … please support

I’ve known Steve for close on 10 years …… we worked together each day for many years .. he’s a friend, a work colleague and an all around great chap!

Steve was diagnosed with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) in April 2015. MND is a life limiting disease with no cure. In true Steve Cliff fashion, he has set more targets and more goals, outside of his normal manic life…

There are TWO charity runs that he is partaking in, of which one is being hosted by Credit Suisse on behalf of Steve’s contribution in the world of UC (Unified Communications) as well as finding diligent individuals like myself to work for him!!!! 🙂

Charity 1: Joss Naylor Challenge (http://www.gofar.eclipse.co.uk/jossnaylorlc.html) – this is a mammoth 48 mile race… To sponsor: https://www.justgiving.com/Steve-Cliff/

Charity 2: Steve Cliff MND Credit Suisse Run: On the 23rd July 2015, there will be a 5km race in Canary Wharf as well as New York for raising funds. There are others globally that are also planning to run 5km in their respective countries in aid of MND and Steve Cliff. To sponsor: https://www.justgiving.com/Steve-Cliff1/

Please dig deep and sponsor – or support in any way you can

I’ll be running, drinking, supporting or anything I can to raise money for MND !

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Google For Work Gets New Support Options


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Better Leave Approvals with frevvo + Google Apps for Work

Start of some reblogging – almost an official start to seeing how easy it will be to migrate an existing enterprise to google@work

One of the most common approval workflows customers automate with frevvo is Leave Approval (Vacation or Absence Request). There are several types of leave (Annual, Sick, Floating etc.) and the typical workflow is Employee -> Line Manager -> Payroll/HR. Easy enough to automate.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if the form knew how many days of each type were left so there’s no way for the employee to request more days than he/she has available? Integrating with payroll/HR systems is possible but messy.

Leave ApprovalAn easy alternative is to just use a Google spreadsheet. Here’s an example spreadsheet and a frevvo form that uses the spreadsheet. Based on the logged in employee, the form will pull the available days from the spreadsheet. For this demo, select an employee from the pick list (which itself comes from the spreadsheet) and you’ll see the available days pick lists updating dynamically. This demo…

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HP to acquire Aruba Networks for $2.7B

Aruba are a great company – great acquisition for HP

Virtual Sweater Vest

Given the significance of both organizations in the world of IT networking and mobile technologies, this merger/acquisition is intriguing from an IT security perspective.  Among other technologies, HP will add to its portfolio Aruba’s ClearPass authentication management platform.


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New Qualcomm deal opens the door for more Cyanogen-powered phones


Cyanogen has quietly become the most important company working on Android not named Google.

On Monday, it announced a new partnership with chip giant Qualcomm which will result in Cyanogen’s version of Android being pre-installed on Qualcomm’s reference designs. Given that Asian smartphone manufacturers often heavily rely on reference designs to build the devices that they ultimately take to market, this could lead to a significant spike in devices sold with Cyanogen pre-installed.

To date, Cyanogen has been pre-installed on three devices, the Oppo N1, the OnePlus One, and the Micromax Yureka, according to the company. None of them have been huge sellers or widely available in the United States. On the tails of this announcement with Qualcomm, Cyanogen will be announcing later this week that its software will be pre-installed in at least one new device.

OnePlus One camera app

The Qualcomm deal means that Cyanogen’s software will be provided for devices…

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Atlassian’s Stash Data Center Comes Out Of Beta, Brings Git To The Enterprise

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Techstars london – demo day 2015

The last London techstars demo day I attended was in 2013, shamefully I missed last year but I have to say this was the best and biggest demoday I’ve been to. I was apprehensive about the move from the St James Theatre in Victoria across town to the east end, but WoW !!! The Genesis Cinema on the Mile End road took my breathe away..

Jon Bradford (at the time much rumoured to be leaving) thanked the sponsors, the teams and the 600+ people in the event. I’ve got to say, it was a bit of a love in with lots of people being thanked. It felt like a swan song …

Mark Solon, a visiting managing partner for @techstars announced a $150M growth and seed fund raised this year and that techstars is a platform for mentors to engage.

Then the show began, each techstars demo day get’s just a little bit more corporate and professional, I sort of miss the rock band intro’s – but it’s also clear some of the teams are now focussing on different problems than how to make the next best “app” . The first team up;

Bidvine is the fast, free way to get competing quotes for local services from interested, available professionals. No legwork. No hassle. Sorab Jahanbani CEO and founder has built 6 companies in 10 countries in 3 verticals, specialising in building 2 sided market places announced that 60% of UK households have unfinished projects and this was despite £3bn spent on advertising by the providers in this space.  bidvine aim to transform this marketplace by making it really easy for households to post requests for work and suppliers to bid. Verdict : I would certainly use the platform but the success will be based upon getting a critical mass of providers signed up.

Big Data for Humans  (@bd4hcorp) where introduced by Max Kelly ( (former Virgin insights founder)  introduced Peter Ellen. Peter is  “Passionate about customers” and his aim is to helps businesses understand their best customers and the data. His company examines customer dat, Identifies trends and as a result Identifies new sales opportunities . Verdict : Jury out for me.

geospock, the founder Steve Marsh gave a compelling introduction to his credentials in solving the problems of dealing with large amounts of data in traditional database technologies. Outlining how the competing elements to dealing with large scale data problems are scale, throughput, realtime .  Verdict : I would have liked to see Steve differentiate the use case from the USP

indybo  (Innovative Do-It-Yourself-RoBot) A passionate introduction by Chris Mairs (cbe)  chairman of codeclub (the volunteer led org to teach kids how to code) Chris stated how important it was to teach children the basic skills to allow them to code. He introduced  Iskander, the 25 year old CEO who explained indybo was born out a passion that learning should be fun and they aimed to teach young children how to build and program robots, bringing coding and coding skills to a new generation.  Verdict: Very cool idea, price point seems a tad high $99-$299.

kimono Sean Nolan (@geeklondon) knows enterprise ! having formed and sold a network consultancy company called Tomorrow communications in 2012. His thesis is messaging and email is a real pain in the enterprise and with a predicted $71Bn market for enterprise collaboration and enterprises it’s certainly a big space to go after. Big Enterprise rely on over 800 Bn mailboxes I can concur this space is ripe for disruption. A highly competitive marketplace right int he middle of a once in a generation shift. Verdict: Having already used the product I believe Sean is on the right lines – can he make his product stand out from the crowd?

knyttan Hal Watts and Ben Alun-Jones are co-Founders of  Knyttan and have a dream of democratising fashion design and manufacturing using digital technology. By effectively turn industrial knitting into 3D printers they can change minimum order volumes from 50 to 1  and reduce manufacturing times from 90 days to 90 minutes. Verdict: Brilliant idea, a difficult supply chain to disrupt on scale – but a great start.

lystable @lystable – Peter Johnston the founder and CEO addresses reflected on how he spent most of his time whilst working previously at  Google, M&C Saatchi and Weber Shandwick organising getting suppliers and talent to work on multiple projects. Verdict: One to watch.

rainbird  – Ben Taylor imagined if the jobs of 500 claims agents could be done by 50 people !  Their AI platform helps businesses improve  decision making improvement. Human’s make mistakes and need help and their platform helps with decision making, since start of techstars 12 pilots one with the UK largest retail insurer.Verdict: Proof is in the pudding and pilot.

swarm  Joel Dietz @fractastocal described Swarm as  economic reward for the community. He explained the well known story of the company that starts small, grow large, exit and the founders and investors make a lot of money. The users and community makes nothing.  Reddit where an example of a company that tried to address this problem but found it a complex  tech and legal problem.  Swarm is hoping to be the equity crowdfunding solution using blockchain. Verdict: Neat Idea but not convinced they have spent enough time developing an MVP

ub @shop_ub wants to be your Universal shopping basket, Marcus Greenwood, CEO  wants to enable affiliate sales platforms for anything, anywhere with one click. The problem UB are looking to solve is the affiliate sales platforms (octer, sylect, crabble) an industry worth $80bn cannot complete the sales from within their app as they have no shopping basket that has a meaningfull link to the underlying merchant. Verdict: a neat problem and solution well explained.
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Apple rolling out app specifics passwords for iCloud, required starting on Oct. 1

Is that more password to remember – just keep the one I gave you very securely please

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You just made a very huge mistake by ordering the iPhone 6 Plus

Print out the template and try it – wow that plus size is big!!


Look, the iPhone 6 Plus has a lot going for it. Its battery is like, so much better than the iPhone 5s. The camera is even better than the iPhone 6! And the screen! Holy screen! But there is one big problem here… most of you just picked it because it was the “better” and more expensive option. You’re all probably like, “Yeah this is great, larger phone, I can do more. Bigger is better. AMERICA! Cheese fries with extra grease!”

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Is there value in UC Consulting companies?

There is a lot of factual inaccuracies about the benefits of and costs of providing unified communications. There are also many companies who talk the talk, modality have created a buzz around walking the walk as well. 


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